Temele lunii Februarie

Astazi am primit temele lunii Februarie de la Lee Harris. Rezonez foarte tare cu ele si le simt pe fiecare deja de ceva timp. Unele au deja loc pentru mine.

February Energy Will Support the Creation of New Actions and Directions. It doesn’t necessarily mean in February, you create a map for yourself and you start doing everything on it. But February energy will support the energy of looking ahead. January was still a very reflective and releasing time for many in the collective. February energy supports the creation of, “Okay, where do we want to go next? And what actions do we now have the energy and the capacity to create in our lives and bring forward?”

What would I need to do differently? What would I like to do differently? I might not have all the answers yet, but can I at least identify what I need more of or what I need to put my attention toward? And even if I’m scared to do it right now, can I write it down on a piece of paper and let myself see it and be okay with knowing I’m walking toward that, even if it brings up fear?”

So, February energy will support the creation of new actions that you can actually take or directions that you can start to brew in February and you might not move on them until March or April.

Themes of the Month:

Resignation From Old Roles – resigning from old roles that we’re playing in our life.

This could be a role that you play in your life; perhaps you are the caretaker for others, perhaps you are the nurturer. It could be a pattern of behavior or it could be an identity. You might literally resign from something that you’ve been doing for years and years. There is a massive resignation taking place, whether it’s something that’s internal and subtle in us or whether it’s a way of being or doing in the outside world.

The Beginning of New Stories on Earth and for you in your life.

Some of you might really be feeling that very viscerally. Some of you might be walking into new stories, new relationships, new endeavors, new clarity about the way you’re going to do things.

A Focus on True Health and True Healing.

When we look after our health and our body and we investigate what our body might need to flourish, health is a healing force, it’s a healing journey. We have so much knowledge on the planet, both ancient and modern, that could really help to shift the paradigm around the health of, not just humans, but the planet as a whole. We have a lot of imbalance around health right now, huge amount. And that’s going to be a big focus in the next few years.

And it’s not just about remedies and supplements and healings for your body, it’s also your nervous system, your immune system. Where is your sense of joy? Where is your sense of well-being?

Your health is your wealth, and your health is going to be impacted if you don’t support yourself at this moment.

Making Either the Big Changes or the Little Changes

“What’s your why?” So often people go, “Well, I want to create this or do this.” And I’ve done that too. But when I really started asking myself, “Why do I want that?” The answers that would reveal themselves would sometimes make me realize, “Oh, you’re only going in that direction because you think it’s going to fix this feeling or this desire. What was underneath my outer goal, it would allow me to upgrade my outer goal or release an outer goal that I shouldn’t really have been chasing. I was just trying to get something outside me to help me heal. But when I noticed what I was trying to heal or shift or move, I realized I didn’t necessarily need the goal. So, making either the big changes in your life right now or the little changes, it’s the same thing. The inner and the outer are always dancing.

When in Change, Remember, The Process Will Show You The Way.

Trust the process! Universe, show me the way and get me there at the right time for me and my process.” The process will show you the way.

Often we think that the goal is the prize, and it isn’t. The goal is the signal or the lighthouse that you are aiming for that helps you go through the next part of your journey. Because the most important thing is the journey. I know that’s a cliche and we hear it all the time, but it’s true.

And one of the biggest things I think that often gets in our way is we judge the process. We judge how we’re feeling, we judge our emotions, we judge our thoughts. If you could do nothing other than learn how to not judge yourself, your evolution will be like lightning.

Pe larg despre fiecare aici.


2 thoughts on “Temele lunii Februarie

  1. …😃deasupra articolului mi-a apărut: “astroalchimista 5+” prin propria interpretare: 5D și mai sus … îți mulțumesc pentru susținere-confirmări-îndrumări. Luna Ianuarie a venit și pentru mine cu aceste teme, sub o forma sau alta. Ultima a fost marcată de primirea Cărții, dragă mie din copilărie,”TOATE PÂNZELE SUS!”; ca mesaj de “Bun venit” s-a deschis la momentul in care eroii, tocmai ce au ieșit dintr-o furtuna puternică și au constatat distrugerea Ocheanului și a Fesului cel roșu de la Lalely🙂…încă o dată, îți mulțumesc și-ți doresc Miracole la fiecare pas!🌟🌈♾️


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